Frequently Asked Questions

  • What odours can the OdourCube be used on?
    The Carbon Module can remove a broad range of odours and chemicals. Please refer to the Carbon Module Datasheet to see the table of what can be removed.

  • What's needed to put a system together?
    The OdourCube system is very simple to put together. The systems can be assembled by simply using your hands by pushing in the clips to connect the various parts together. A small Phillips and flat head screw driver are useful to have with you in case you need to remove clips or if you are mounting the system onto a wall.

  • How does the OdourCube capture odours?
    The component which captures odours in an OdourCube system is the Carbon Module. Inside the module contains activated carbon which is carbon that has been treated to produce millions to tiny pores on the surface of the carbon. There are so many pores that 1 gram of carbon can actually have a surface area exceeding 3,000m². Activated carbon removes chemicals from an air stream through Chemical attraction (adsorption). With such a large surface area, there are countless sites where chemicals can be bound onto the surface of the carbon. Activated Carbon will not remove everything however so please refer to the datasheet for more information.

  • How does the OdourCube capture dust?
    The component which captures dust in an OdourCube system is the Filter Module. Inside is a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. The filters are high performance and capable of removing particulate down to less than 0.1µm. For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

  • Do I need a fan?
    In most cases you will need a Fan Module to either suck or blow air through an OdourCube system. In some cases you might have something that is already pushing air along, in that case you can simply attach an OdourCube system without a fan to do what you need.

  • Is the OdourCube available in other colours?
    At this stage the OdourCube modules are only available in black with red clips. In future more colours will be introduced. If you have a specific request, you are always welcome to contact us to share your ideas.

  • Can I control the amount of flow through the system?
    With our Power Supply, the Fan Modules can run at a broad range flow rates by simply setting the voltage on the power supply. This allows you to adjust the flow rate through the system to suit your needs. For an idea of the range of flow rates the fans are capable of, please refer to the datasheet.

  • Can the system be used outside?
    No, our systems are not designed to handle exposure to water and direct sunlight.

  • How can I adapt OdourCube to a fitting or opening I have?
    Simple, head over to our Technical Data page and download the 75mm module or 150mm module STL or STEP files. From there you can design and print your own adaptor which will connect to OdourCube!
  • How long does the Carbon module last when removing Odour?
    The life of the Carbon Modules depends on a number of factors including: air temperature & humidity, type & concentration of odour being removed and flow rate. As a result, a life estimate is difficult to provide. But based on our tests a 75mm Carbon Module should last up to 750 hours of operation. A 150mm Carbon Module should last 5,000 hours of operation.

  • How do I know when the Carbon Module needs to be changed?
    You will know that the Carbon Module requires changing when you can smell some odour breaking through the system.

  • What is involved in recharging a Carbon Module?
    Recharging a Carbon Module is straight forward, simply order a Carbon refill pack from our website, upon receiving it, open the cover of the Carbon Module and tip out the spent carbon. Then simply refill with the supplied carbon and replace the cover.

  • Can the OdourCube be used on a 3D printer?
    Absolutely! In fact we use the OdourCube systems on our own production 3D printers.

  • Can the OdourCube be used on a Resin printer?
    Yes! Most fumes produced from printing resins can be effectively captured by activated carbon

  • Are the 3D Printer and Resin Printer kits the same?
    While KIT-1 is the same for both 3D Printer and Resin Printers (because you can simply vent fumes outside), all the other kits are different. The major difference being that 3D Printer kits come with a HEPA filter to remove particulate, while the Resin Printer kits do not.

  • How much noise does the fan module produce?
    Running at 12V the fan module produces a noise level of approximately 40dB(a) at 1m which is approximately the same level of noise of an operating refrigerator. Running the fan module at lower voltages significantly reduces the noise level.

  • Can the OdourCube work in humid environments?
    Yes, it can as long as the temperature and humidity combination will not cause condensation. Also note that the Carbon Module performance may be impacted when operating on an air stream that is very humid.

  • Can the OdourCube be mounted onto a wall?
    Yes, simply mount your system to the wall using a set of Panel Mounts and 3mm diameter (or similar screws). The Panel Mounts can be found here.

  • I'm not sure which parts I need for my application, can I get help?
    Absolutely! Simply contact us and we will help you determine the components you need to suit your particular application. 
  • When my order will be shipped?
    We will process your order within 5 to 10 business days.