3D Printer Ventilation Kit


This kit is ideal if you have your 3D printer in an enclosure and you have access to a nearby window or similar location to vent fumes outside during printing. Simply assemble the kit onto your enclosure and use 50mm flexible ducting (not included) to run from the discharge of the kit to the nearby window.

In most cases running the fan at 5V will produce enough ventillation for most enclosures and also be the quietest. If you want to ventilate a larger volume of air, simply increase the voltage by turning the dial on the power supply.

Technical information for the fan can be found on our Technical Data page.  

Tip: Use an extra Square to Round Module with a Panel Mount Set to neatly connect the end of your 50mm flexible ducting to a hole in a wall or panel.



KIT-1 Video

KIT-1 Assembly & Disassembly Video